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    • That’s a tough question! The most impactful and exciting experience that I had to do, when it comes to my job, was covering the Volcanic eruption in Hawaii in 2018. It was a surreal experience. I didn’t think I was going to get caught up in it because I wasn’t assigned to cover it. I’d happened to go to see the volcano in the weekend on my own time, and got caught covering it. The day I arrived, nothing was happening, all the fissures had stopped erupting. And I thought “Oh, I missed it.” And then the following day is when not only a fissure opened up, but I was able to walk right up to it, and start filming. I was 10 minutes away, even being hit by lava at one point, a little bit on my shoulder. Later that day, I got access to a house thanks to a homeowner that allowed us to livestream and document the rest of the eruption in a place that a lot of the media couldn’t get access to. We were the only people streaming to tens of thousands of people on YouTube. It turned out to be the most impactful, most important, most exciting experience I’ve had in all of my years of news.