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    • That’s a good question! I just get a feeling about something. Usually I scour events, I try to do some research about wildlife, times of year, good times for shooting, and sometimes I Just drive and go somewhere and end up somewhere shooting something. It varies on what drives me to shoot something, but usually if something triggers an emotion in me, I go shoot it. And that’s what the volcano did for me. We were in Yosemite on vacation at the time, my wife and me, when the volcanic eruption started, and I was watching the coverage on social media, and it was killing me that I wasn’t there. So that’s what drove me to go there as soon as we got back from that trip. 

      I’d say emotion and gut feeling carry me to my next shot. I pay attention to the weather very closely, I try to plan ahead and get in advance of the weather to capture what I THINK is gonna happen. It doesn’t always happen, but it’s cool when it does.