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    • It was difficult and exciting at the same time. It was easy, because everybody knew what the TODAY show was, what the NBC news was, so it already had a built-in audience. The thing that they weren’t doing enough was mentioning that they existed on social media. So that was one of our biggest goals was to try and incorporate brand awareness of social media for NBC news and the shows on broadcast. From there, my job was to corral the community and create opportunities where we could create engagement on the platforms once we got people there. I did some exciting things, like the first political debate that was done on Facebook, was with NBC news, one of my first big jobs when I joined. It was a big step for NBC News and social, and that was the 2012, one of the Democratic debates in New Hampshire at the time. So that was one. 2012 was a big year, because I got to work the Republican and Democratic National Conventions, the 2012 London Olympics, and it was just one big event after another! Coming up with plans and strategies of what we were going to do, and then actually acting on them, following up. There were a lot of people involved, it wasn’t just me. I facilitated and came up with a lot of the ideas, but there were a lot of other people. We worked hand-in-hand with the NBC News marketing and PR sides, how to respond around crises, how to engage around events. No one day was alike going into work. There was no sit down, do this and this, your day is done. There were always adrenaline rushes. As soon as one project was done, we were planning for the next one, and it was very overwhelming to do but exciting at the same time.