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    • Well, I first got into social media because I was freelancing at the time, around 2007, and I needed to get my work out there. I wanted people to know what I was capable of. So I used any platform necessary to do that. I launched a website, I got onto Youtube, at the time Twitter had just started, and I was one of the early users of Twitter, and I really was using whatever platform I could to get visibility on my work. After a couple of years, and learning how these platforms worked, I ended up really focusing on news. And at first it was covering what was happening in northern New Jersey, New York, the social media industry, and at the time I was freelancing at CNBC as a graphic artist. I became the guy in the studio that knew what Twitter was. So everybody was coming to me whenever they had a question about Twitter, so I’d help anchors, when it wasn’t even my job. And because I was freelancing for NBC, I started following anyone who was joining twitter from NBC, to hopefully get a full-time job, and I noticed one day that they hired a director of social media for NBC News, and I saw who it was, and I tweeted at him. And he invited me to meet him, I ended up going to his office, and he was very intrigued by my background, because over the years I’ve learned various skills that were unique that he didn’t have himself, like creating content - it’s not always easy to have a team creating content at the time because it was so new and young. So it ended up working out to his benefit, he ended up hiring me because of those skills. At the time, there was a website called Justin.TV (now known as Twitch). And I was a live streamer on Justin.TV. and I was very familiar with live-streaming. And the night he invited me to meet him, they were hosting a live-streamed panel discussion with some NBC executives and some social media influencers. And they couldn’t  get their livestream to work. So I jumped in and got their livestream up and running, and that sealed the deal for me being hired. I was hired September 2010 as the first social media manager for NBC News Network. And then from there that’s how I got into it. Every job I’ve gotten since then has been through social media and not through traditional job hunting means. Twitter has carried my career throughout the years! I’ve been very fortunate.