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    • It was exciting, because they were lifting the ban! I was there for a milestone. And I became the story in a sense, because I was the one photographed by AP. I was doing this for my own photo, my own video, but then the other photographers came over to shoot me ripping that piece of paper. So the whole day was very cool. Even later on that day, we were able to watch President Obama board Marine 1 and take off, and capture that footage with our phones. To be able to walk through the White House and document what you wanted - unfortunately it was only with cell phones, they weren’t allowing professional cameras at that time, only journalists could use cameras in the White House in designated areas. I was one of a group of people that was invited as social media influencers to come be the first group to come in and take pictures of the White House. So that was really cool. I ended up doing a piece on the website of that day.