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    • The first motorcycle in my families history was over 100 years ago, can you find a photo of the first one in your family you know about?

      The attached photo is of my Great Uncle Jim Hargraves in 1906, I have yet to determine the make and model, the only clue I have is its a English make.

      Lets see your family history in motorcycles and see if we recognise the make and model.?

      What would that bike go for at the antique motorcycle auction in Vegas at current values?

      With the eclectic group on here I'm sure we can amass a digital motorcycle museum to challenge Barbers.

    • I don't know what that is, but I want it. Great photo too. Leading lines ftw.

      I have a thing for vintage bikes and my current ride is even vintage-ish. It's not quite as classy as the elegant ride your great uncle is providing for your great aunt (?), but we get the looks. Thing is, doggie does not want to be left out, so he piles on top of the girls.

    • I have seen that in real life, it is amazing, i used early motorcycle design as inspiration for a bike I wbuilt for the world championships back in 2006

    • no longer in my possession, it was bought by the guy who owns Yellow Pages in Austria quite a few years back.

      I was interviewed by the Smithsonian channel about it and alledgedly it was in one of their tv shows, but i never saw it.

      it all started out as a crazy idea becuase I had two tires from a early teens Henderson car, add a little blue painters tape and the process begins

    • Me too! I was lucky to find this photo in my aunt's stuff. It was folded and cracked, but I had it restored. My uncle rode that bike to Mexico and back. Service station infrastructure wasn't solid then and he often had to buy gas from farmers.

    • 1936 Harley introduced the knucklehead and it was one of the first production bikes to top 100mph, the bike was a revalation in styling and uniqueness. I bet he had lots of fun back then, it would be great if somewhere he had a journal of his travels

      They are are extremely sort after now in original condition original rpice was $380, now depending on their provenanse the value can reach $150,000

      If you are interested at all in the history, Amazon did a three part series about the families and how the company grew...its called Harley and the Davidson and is extremely well produced. Even if you aren't interested in motorcycles the background story is a great one.