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    • This is kind of a picky question, but is there a way to “unlayer” the text edit options? Cake’s edit options (blue) are often obstructed by native options (black) early in a post, so in the example below for instance, I cannot set the selected text in bold.

      Once I get down into the post, the option lists seem to avoid each other better.

      Just wondering...

    • Interesting, @lidja - I hate editing my posts on Cake on an iPad,( although I do edit them a lot since my typing and spell check are conspiring against me ) and on an iPad I see the black and the blue boxes like in @apm's post above - BUT - when I unlock the screen orientation and turn the screen to landscape mode, I ONLY see the blue box. So YES, I think orientation contributes in some wierd way with the editing parameters but only in portrait mode for some reason.

      I do not see the black box when editing on my Mac, so I think the lesson is that when editing on an iPhone or iPad, turn the device to landscape mode. I DO NOT see the black box when editing on my Mac with its monitor ( but it is in landscape mode of course )

      Interesting, I learned another new tip today! Thank you Cake and @lidja and @apm 😎

    • Hmmm...

      Ah, yes. This is brings up another mild annoyance. My iPhone does not give me a landscape version of Cake. When I tilt/turn my phone to horizontal/landscape, the screen image stays exactly the same (vertical/portrait)—the image does not rotate at all, so no luck for me. :/

      I’m on an iPhone 7+.

    • Are you sure your phone screen isn't locked in normal or portrait view?

      Mine is the same way (iPhone X ) unless I unlock the screen orientation by pulling down from the upper right corner and hitting the Lock within a circle - mine is RED when locked and grey when unlocked.

      Once unlocked, I can see CAKE in landscape orientation just fine.

    • @Pathfinder - are you talking about browsing Cake in landscape in a web browser? I ask because we don't yet support landscape in the iPhone app. If you got landscape working in the iPhone app, I'm curious how.

    • Yes, I am talking about Cake in a Web Browser - I don't have the app on my phone - I tend to NOT download social apps for my phone - old fashioned I guess.

      And yes, I can get it to work in both portrait and landscape modes in the default browser for my iPhone X.

      I did not think about a Cake app, so that's on me, I guess.