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    • Elon has been talking about his Blade Runner truck as his personal favorite project and dropping hints, but somehow nothing like what it turned out to be leaked to the press.

      He opened by saying trucks have looked the same for 100 years. He flashed through a timeline of them and with logos removed you couldn’t tell which was which.

      Then he said we need something different. And this drove on the stage out of the smoke amidst laser lights and flame. Oh, it looks different all right.

    • He said that instead of the traditional design of bed on strong chassis, this is about designing around a strong shell. To dramatically illustrate the point, he had a buff dude take a sledge hammer to the body, and he couldn’t dent it.

      The glass was even more dramatic. They had a huge rig to show that if you drop a small steel ball from a low height on traditional truck glass, it shatters.

      But if you drop a bigger steel ball on Tesla glass from a height you can only get to by climbing a ladder, this is fine. No breaky. Note the badass Blade Runner atmosphere.

    • Then Elon had Franz throw the ball at the actual truck window to show it wouldn’t break, but it shocked Elon and broke. Then he had to stand in front of broken windows the rest of the show.

    • The specs were impressive, the price got huge cheers, his use of slogans from the other truck companies got laughs, but he seemed to stutter and stammer throughout and have trouble remembering his lines.

    • At the end he stuttered, that’s it, hope you enjoyed the show, oh wait... Did we? Oh yeah, we also built an ATV. And it came driving out. The top of the truck recessed, the rear suspension lowered, a great ramp came out, and up went the ATV..

      Great showmanship. Some people were screaming ‘TAKE MY MONEY!!!”

      There are some people who have big diesel trucks and say Tesla’s aren’t manly enough. I wonder what they’ll say now. This thing is seriously manly.

    • This is a seriously incredible machine. I want one, even just for the cold-rolled stainless steel body. With all the specs Tesla boasts, it would sell so much better than any truck currently on the market.

      But, that tri-motor version, the only version that competes equally with other full-size pickup drive trains, doesn't start production until LATE 2022. Considering Elon historically misses so many deadlines, it could be years late. In 2022, Rivian, Ford, and GM will already be selling EV and hybrid trucks. Then there's that question: will Tesla be in business in 3 years? So, I feel burned by this announcement. This is a PR stunt. Don't tease me with a product, then tell me I have to wait 3+ years. Ugh.

    • Mind blowing look. People totally underestimate all that it takes to design something NO ONE could even imagine. Yes, it looks like a movie prop but just seeing it drive around it has already changed our psyche. Once you see five or ten these driving around your local city, any other truck is going to look neanderthal.

    • I missed the event last night due to other committments - I do wish I had seen it, the videos of the highlights were entertaining. I think the front end may need a bit more work, but it has great ground clearance and is the next best thing to an armored car.😍

      I do note the market this morning doesn't seem that enthusiatic - TSLA is down about $20 bucks - maybe more noise in the price than most days - I may pick up a few more shares.

    • This last video did mention an adaptive air suspension with the ability to raise the body 4 inches - this will be of great interest to the off road community I suspect.

      The 500 mile range will be handy, but doesn't really compete with an F150s potential range of 600-700 miles. Both vehcles ranges drop significantly with towing too - whether gas or electric.

      Jeep and Land Rover both offer adaptive air suspension systems; I can't seem to find similar systems for Ford or Chevy's large SUVs.

      The broken window in Elon's presentation was visually striking but the fact remains the window remained intact, the ball didn't enter the passenger compartment even though it did fracture the glass. They didn't demonstrate what a similar challenge would do to a standard passenger car or pickup window - there would have been broken glass framents sprayed all over inside the passenger compartment.

      The strong windows in the Cybertruck MAY/MIGHT help prevent smash and grabs of interior contents inside the Cybertruck - something that I think occurs fairly often, in standard Tesla and other high end vehicles.

      I had a radio stolen out of a pickup truck that was parked for only ~ 4 hours after closing time at my Honda dealer downtown. The thief was very courteous and only smashed a smaller rear window to open the door to gain access to the radio in the dash... I'm sure he wasn't there longer than 10 minutes or so - a hammer is the key of choice of many vehicle content thieves these days.

      Is smashing a window to steal from a vehicle even a crime in California these days?

    • Out here in truck country, Elon’s new vehicle just elicited guffaws. My son, gadget-head of the century, laughed out loud and called it a “friggen triangle,” but then said in all seriousness, “I love Elon, though. That guy is such a dude...”


    • I'd think they could have spent some money on designing some nicer body work that doesn't look from the cartoons. It sure must be easier manufacturing it though. And the fans will dig it anyhow. As for the claims of manliness such vehicle would confer it's fortunate owner, I am afraid that could only be complete with a Starbucks type of paint job..

    • Oh, smash and grabs. I didn’t think of that but they are epidemic where we live. They use special punches to shatter the glass. Here’s the best short vid of how they work I’ve ever seen:

      This was right in front of our local Whole Foods in a nice neighborhood the other day. There are security guards patrolling the parking lot constantly on well marked Segways, but they didn’t see this one happen.

    • Interesting video - even worse than I expected.

      So, sadly, I was right, smash and grabs effectively aren't even a crime in the Bay Area anymore.

      They do occur here, as I experienced, but usually only after dark in areas where one isn't really surprised by them - but not in public spaces in broad daylight.

      The young man in the video you linked would be a some serious risk of bodily harm in many other localities, I suspect. There are still some areas where theft is considered a significant offense and some folks take it very personally.

      Including the two law officers who live in my neighborhood, thankfully. I have had them knock on my door late at night to see if I was all right, simply because they saw a flashlight used inside my house after midnight... They were armed when they knocked on my door, and apologized for disturbing me. I said thank you for your concern, but I'm fine.

      Maybe Elon's idea of break resistant glass in his truck isn't so crazy after all. Particularly for a truck that might be parked at a trail head in the mountains....or a mall in San Francisco.

    • I tend to agree with you that the body sculpting/design of the Cybertruck seems primitive, not finished, rather crude, but if one compares it to a serious off road electric SUV like the Bollinger, I kind of get a feeling of a similar ethos, maybe - design following purpose, not style. The Bollinger is a very effective off road SUV with real chops in the dirt, but certainly not stylish in the traditional Detroit manner. But is does fair well in mud and river crossings.

    • I reserved one. Who knows if I'll actually buy it, but I felt the same way when the Model 3 was announced and I ended up buying one and loving it, and being glad I had placed a reservation!

      I'm not a truck person, but I do love epic road trips, and this thing looks like my dream road trip vehicle, for several reasons:

      - I could comfortably sleep in it. Lots of people sleep in their Teslas, but I'm a little too tall to be comfortable in the back of my Model 3, so in the past I've usually stayed at hotels (expensive) or camped (uncomfortable) on long road trips. But I could toss a mattress in the back of the Cybertruck and sleep like a king on the cheap while charging up overnight at an RV park.

      - It looks like it can go anywhere. I've sometimes found myself in some pretty sketchy terrain trying to find remote campsites. In a car or even a small SUV that can be a recipe for disaster. In this beast? No problem.

      - No more worries about rock chips, door dings, and other road trip hazards. My Model 3 has taken its share of cosmetic damage on road trips, and I always worry about it because I want to keep it looking nice. But this thing? Pssh. Smash it with a hammer. Pelt it with gravel. Drive over road debris with impunity. Won't hurt it and it can't get any uglier, so who cares!

    • I had a 78 Scout II - I loved it - it was hard, a farm implement, not a car or an SUV, like the original land Rover. It was boxy, square, painted inside, and the hydraulic brake lines ran on top of the frame and axles - sit the frame on the ground and it survived just fine.

      It MAY be that is how Elon anticipates his Cybertruk being used, too - rather like a farm implement. Hard, durable, dependable

      I didn't know about the difficulty of bending the 30X steel, but that does explain some things. I rather like the idea of "bullet proof glass" - it will deter smash and grabs I bet. It just needs video cameras to capture the visage of would be smashers too.

      146 000 orders - almost 9 billion worth of trucks - depending on how they are are specd'd - I assumed $60 K x 146 000 = 8.76 Billion. - and the stock price went down ~20 bucks with almost 9 billion worth of new orders .

      Interesting to say the least. Or over 10 billion if the trucks are more than $70K each which is no more than a good King Ranch from Ford. In two years my F150 will be 4 years old, hmmm.......

    • My Model 3 has taken its share of cosmetic damage on road trips, and I always worry about it because I want to keep it looking nice.

      I miss your Tesla conversations, Ryan! Did you end up needing to use the environmental controls during the California wildfires this fall?

    • Thanks!

      I actually live in Oregon, and the air has been mostly fine here this year. The Model 3 doesn't have Bioweapon Defense Mode anyway, so I'm not sure how much better it would be than any other car at making smoky air breathable. Hopefully I won't find out anytime soon. 😄

    • I get it, even though not my piece of pie - I'd definitely want more from buying a 60k+ vehicle - that clunky shape may even be a statement of some sort; and I'd still disagree with its shape. I mean if was shopping for a new fridge or washing machine, it'd look great. But is this how cars of the future will all become?

      The overland kind of travel hobby isn't cheap, I came to understand that over the last few years. I am a bit intrigued though, why wouldn't all this goodness start first being used and tested by the military, as it's traditionally been done to get a pedigree for the classic icons of this type of vehicle.

      Also since electric vehicles are so simple in the way power train is built, I have a feeling in a certain future we might start to see a lot less companies making the entire car, and instead there will be specialized companies with alot of expertise already in their field, some will make motors, others making batteries, and the rest would simply become system integrators.

    • Bioweapon Defense Mode

      That term is so pompous and deceiving, it makes it sound as if able to survive a chemical warfare attack.. Musk may be a great inventor and he's definitely one heck of an entrepreneur, but modesty isn't on his list of attributes. Just saying..

    • Hahaha, I rolled my eyes too, like some engineers I know at Tesla who hate Elon’s use of the term Autopilot.

      But I have to say my understanding is that for bioweapons — not chemical weapons — like Anthrax, the maths seem to check out based on particle size. Maybe @Factotum can say with more confidence.

      For sure it’s amazing for California wildfires like we’re plagued with in my area. Flickr’s CEO Don rolled his Model S into their HQ during the Paradise fire and my understanding is it did a good job cleaning up the place.

    • Good points.

      I suspect military vehicles will be hybrids or fossil fuel powered for a time yet, since charging times and locations may be negatives for military service. The quieter power might well be an advantage.

      I would wonder why Emerson Electric or GE or Honeywell would sit out building electric automotive power plants - sems like they would have some chops in the electric motor fields.

      Are the motors in cars actually running on DC current, or is the battery power converted to AC by an inverter?

      I did like the option of the rolling bed cover in the Cybertruck being a solar panel = that is kind of cool.