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    • NYU announced today that they'll offer full-tuition scholarships to all medical students in perpetuity, making them the first top-ranked medical school in the United States to do so.

      This was an amazing piece of news to see this morning. In a country where student debt is skyrocketing (especially for medical students) and healthcare costs threaten to destroy anyone who can't afford good insurance, this could make a real difference.

      Will more medical schools follow suit? What other professions are so beneficial to society that their tuition should be free of charge?

    • Well I'm not sure it comes entirely from the investment payoffs of the fund because I think they have shown they can get continual donations from wealhy alumni for the cause, so hopefully the fund will grow as they draw from the fund itself.

      It's a fascinating experiment. The nation is woefully short of family physicians, the people who help us stay away from very expensive specialists, but they get paid less. The thought NYU has is students can't afford to go into family practice after accumulating so much debt, and that's why they choose the higher paying specialties.

      I dunno, is that really true? Even if you are not in debt after medical school, are you not tempted by a specialty that pays 2-3 times as much as family practice?

    • That's interesting. I guess the answer to your question is that it may depend on why the student chose medicine as a career. If they felt a calling to be with and help people, maybe the GP job allows them them the most personal contact?

    • I've always thought it was a perverse incentive. Cardiologists and oncologists get paid ~3x what family physicians make, but the family physicians are the first line of defense for prevention so your risk of heart disease and cancer is lower. And the the specialists get rich by carrying out the most expensive procedures. Hmmm.