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    • ***Firstly, GRAPHIC VIDEO, know this before you hit play

      Eminem released a video yesterday (1/16/20) if a new song, highlighting gun control, or the lack of it and the resulting gun violence. The album this came from was released last friday called "Darkness" which he describes it as -

      “Music to Be Murdered By”

      Music stars have massive audiences and influence, and this video went viral instantly because of Eminem and its topic and over 7 million views in the first 24 hours

      Will this help, will this bring out NRA members asking for it to be shut down, or will people make a stand against the government for new laws because of this or is it more of a publicity stunt. This is not the first time Eminem has spoken out about gun control.

      ***Watch with caution if you are easily offended

    • Well, whatever it is, I hope it helps. Gun control already has the support of American people. But until the politicians feel the pressure and start losing elections over gun rights I don't think things will change.

      BTW, off of the upcoming Drive-by Truckers album: