How the Blockchain and Innovation can bridge the economic divide for 4.5 Billion People


The unequal distribution and access to innovation have kept the poor and vulnerable in a constant state of being poor and vulnerable. How can blockchain tech equalize the distribution to lift entire societies from marginalization.

A lot of time has passed since posting this 2 part series back in March of 2017. The posts continue to bring to attention the complete mismatch of innovation dollars being spent on the poor under the very false assumptions that the poor have no economic buying power. This is so far from the truth with some estimates that the working poor represent up to 10 trillion dollars of dead capital.

These false assumptions continue to drive an innovation divide between rich people tech (Uber, Tinder etc...) and tech for the working poor. With the rapidly maturing technology behind blockchain more and more funds are being diverted to address this market and hopefully lessen the divide and empower those that have been historically marginalized.

In a future post i'll share how blockchain is actually getting economic development dollars on the ground to the people vs. funding administrations in the space. Stay Tuned!


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