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    • Huh, I was in the mindset of blocking off the windows and adding my own light, but using the windows is an interesting idea. I might be able to move the laminate into the dining room, which has bigger windows and a hard tile floor So I can flatten the laminate. I’ll try it.

    • is it really not flat, I thought it had rounded edges and the light hitting the edges was from the windows on either side?

    • Good idea. I’m thinking the garage with its cement floor may be the place to do this. The food on top should make it flat.

      Why didn’t I think of a polarizer?

    • That's the tough part. I do have one idea, she could have her kids paint different parts of the wood you have. If you got matte paints that would take care of the glare and with 5 kids and their unique styles all across it it would be a constant visual representation of who she's cooking for and something that other parents and kids could relate to.

      If that doesn't work the rest of my advice is more general ideas, like if it could be something else tied to the content linking back to her/your family's history since there's already a generational aspect to this. Or there's the food itself, if she mostly cooks a certain way like for example vegetarian or vegan that would open up a lot of plant based motifs. Or simply just let her style shine through with it. Textiles would be an good choice lighting wise just clean up might be problem so I'd look to get 2-3 of whatever you use with that. And it could be a big ask but changing it up if not every episodes then every few (like every week or month) that could be another potential point of engagement if this takes off as people want to know what will be next.

    • I don't have any experience with food photography, but I was reminded of this video I saw a while back that may or may not have some helpful tips in it.