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    • Every time you scroll through professional networking sites (LinkedIn) or social media sites, you will come across something like Calm, Meditate or Mindfulness. They aim to promote self-awareness to being more relaxed and as such combat negative emotions or stress.

      What are your thoughts about doing deep breathing or meditation? Do you do it? And if so, how? Enquiring minds want to know .....

    • I know people who meditate and say it has been transformational for them. Often I hear of respected authors, etc., who swear by it. I understand it clears the mind so you can really focus.

      The thing is, I can really focus. It drives people around me nuts because I can be in my own world not hearing what anyone is saying. I prefer to go running in the woods with a great audio book. I am totally immersed in it and feel completely relaxed.

    • I love this. And I respect this. I wish I could do this. I've thought about riding or runnign listening to audio books, but here's my question: How do you maintain exercising or training at a certain intensity when listening to audio books? It seems like it would kill my mood or motivation because it's not as if I were listening to AC/DC. Please tell...

    • Sometimes my answer is "audiobooks are an acquired taste." I've been listening to them for maybe 20 years and I didn't like them at first but now I'm so addicted. I'm not patient enough to flop out on the couch and read many books, but I can run for two hours or bike for four and be completely immersed in an audio book. I've become anti-social in my workouts because I love my books so much.

      Sometimes I steal Jeff Bezos's answer: "you don't choose your passions, your passions choose you." I happen to love books about business & entrepreneurship, I always have, and technology. I can listen for hours without a moment of boredom if it's a good book or podcast, and this is becoming the age of podcasts. So many great ones coming online. Much more interesting than listening to AC/DC again, awesome as that is.

    • Kaz, I took a deep dive and did a 1 day 9 hour silent retreat with a zen master. Never done anything of that sort before. It was amzing how easy it was to slow down and be mindful when I was surrounded by people but it was a silent atmostphere and through guided breathing I spent 9 hours in a really nice space.
      The hardest part was leaving, the master said the emotions and horizontal self (midful or spiritual being vertical) come back very quickly and you can be over whelmed.
      I use my apple watch to remind me to breath amd try and start the day and end with the same 2-5 minutes of breathing and traing to sit still. I am the opposite of chris in my activity lifestyle :-) I tried at work to have 1 minute of silence with our staff before engaging, it worked for a short time but different personalities can make it a challenge.
      Worth a try to experience, if in the bay area the sf zen center so day retreats up near the marin headlands in a place called green gultch.

    • thanks WeeBeastie. I love that you did a retreat for meditation. I’m jealous :-) I can’t imagine how much your learned.

      Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll have to check it out.

    • Though it is not exactly meditation, I'm a psychotherapist and I teach diaphragmatic breathing and visualization to clients with anxiety disorders. This proves quite effective at helping reduce most types of anxiety. When applying this treatment I get to demonstrate the technique, which lets me practice it, and I find it quickly very relaxing and soothing. However, for myself I much prefer the mindful and meditative practice of riding my motorcycle. VROOOMMM!

    • letting the instincts take over and muscle memory allows for relaxation of other parts of the brain I imagine. 2 wheeled therapy is an exellent choice :-)

    • Here is an interesting article on it that you may like:

      Perhaps those eastern spiritual techniques were never designed to help western consumers mask their anxious guilt.
      Maybe they don't work because those techniques create a temporary sense of peace by excluding awareness of problems rather than resolving them?

      Whatever it is, we can observe that eastern spiritual "practices" are a major industry :)