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    • COVID-19 of course disrupted the KTM 390 release. Theplan was for me to go to KTM HQ (Temecula, CA) for a few days and ride, but social distancing and group sizes put a stop to that.

      I threw out a random suggestion...can you bring the bike to me in Phoenix AZ..."sure!"

      I spent a long day out riding and photographing the bike and taking in every scenario that the buyerof this type of bike would ride it.

      (Short) Opinion?

      I loved it!

      Longer version is on ADVrider

      and a very short video, sadly my sound set up failed but didn't realize until it was too late...(not my choice of music, it was added later)

      have a read of the article, ask a question here and I'll answer it, I'll leave the comment section over there for the inmates to debate back and forth.

      I think Cake is a better place to have a conversation about the 390

      In short the bike is very, very impressive, rides well, minimal vibrations, handled every situation we took them on with ease, surprising ease.

      Would it be my first choice for a motorcycle?

      No, I already own a rally set-up KTM 500exc for aggressive off-road, a Yamaha Super Tenere for comfortable on road stuff and very rare mild offroad.

      The 390 fits in right in the middle

      ...but If I or you didn't already own a bike and are looking and have eyes set on: DR650, DRZ400, CR250, XR650, KLR 650, BMW310, etc. then you really need to ride this KTM, it is easier to ride, smoother and cheaper than most of them, and has a better range from the factory with over 260 miles of range.


    • Great to read your review Paul.

      My FedEx buddy living in Hong Kong and with a house in the Philippine Islands, picked his 390 Adventure up at the Manila dealer several weeks ago. Besides India, they are also made in the PI.

      He has a 690 here in the States. He said he enjoys riding the 390 although it's a totally different moto than the 690.

      He is having a new set of spoke wheels made here in the US for the 390. He doesn't think the cast wheels will last very long and may be the one glaring weak component on the bike as a "ready to ride" adventure moto.

      All in all, it sounds like the perfect SE Asia adventure touring motorcycle.

      And a fantastic USA urban bike with outside city limit off-tarmac opportunities.

      It may not have the long distance tarmac creds for distance adventures in the US like the 690 or 500 EXC possess. But, I can't say I was overjoyed riding my 690 much more than regional off-tarmac adventures. IMO, my 500 setup (some dude on ADVRider, rtwPaul, gave me a lot of very helpful suggestions!) is much better than I ever attained on the 690.

      And having owned the 350 EXC, I would say the 500 EXC is about the smallest cc KTM I want to use for national/international adventuring touring.

      I'm looking forward to blasting a 390 when the opportunity presents itself.

      Thanks for the review!

      And, always great to see an In-N-Out!!!! Do I miss getting my Double Double fix!

    • the 390 is way smoother to ride than the 500. As for the wheels as a former motorcycle builder there is a massive difference between cast and forged in terms of strength, couldn't get that clarified from KTM, if they are forged (I doubt) then they should be good for almost everyones riding style...and tubeless which is nice