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    • I just want something that’s battery powered and that doesn’t reset if I “accidentally” drop it on the ground. I seem to go to through a ton of the cheap ones, which are usually under twenty bucks.

      Money isn’t an issue—within reason—so if you have a good recommendation please share. I had one of those atomic clock setting alarm clocks and it lasted at least three years. This one is less than a year old and resets any time it’s dropped or I breathe on it too hard.

    • Do you really need one?

      Have you tried telling your self to wake up at a certain time. This actually works for me.

      If I tell myself I have to be awake at 6:30am I always wake at about 25 past 6.

      Anybody else do this?

    • How about the app on your smartphone? You take it with you everywhere you go, it adjusts to different time zones. You can set multiple alarms. Has snooze capability.

    • I with Dru, I have abandoned portable alarm clocks, for the alarm in my iPhone, or iPad, but I especially like the alarm on my iWatch. The alarm on my iWatch is silent, but a vibration that I notice on my wrist.

      When I first thought about using it, I wondered if I would sleep through it, but I have used it for over two years with great success, and it’s quiet and doesn’t wake up my spouse. If I want to wake us both up, I usually use the alarm on my iPhone.

      So yes, I wear the watch while sleeping, and charge it while eating breakfast.

      A portable alarm clock is one more item smart phones have replaced for me.

    • I know my old phone would light up every time I had a notification in the middle of the night, which was a problem for sleep. But regardless, I like having a physical alarm clock that’s battery powered in case we have a power outage. Maybe that’s why I can’t find anything decent: everyone is using their iPhones so the only alarm clocks left on the market is cheap crap. Technology often seems to be about replacement rather than expansion of options: pay phones, malls, alarm clocks, wearing a wrist watch (that’s not a FitBit). I guess I can’t keep up with the continual obsolescence of things that had existed for the previous half century or longer. Maybe I need to listen to some vinyl on my record player.

    • I went to my local CVS type store and got one. It runs on batteries and as long as I remember to turn on the alarm it works well!! It has fallen (!) a few times but so far it has survived! And then there is always amazon...

      Only thing I discovered as a factor was making sure the back light is not too bright - that can impact my sleep.

    • Notifications in the middle of the night? That just means you need to OWN your phone and turn off all nite time notifications. I leave my phone on a charger 8 feet across the room from my bed, so it never interferes with sleep. I do allow close family members to wake me up if I need to be notified that a family member has passed or something.

      I initially wore my iWatch at night so I could monitor my sleeping pulse rate and have more information about how well and how long I slept. Its battery runs from the time I wake up each morning at 7 am, until the following morning without ever getting half empty; so a loss of wall socket power has no effect on my alarm on my wrist. I put my watch on the charger whlile I eat breakfast and its back to 100%.

      My iWatch is no longer cellular enabled - it has cellular components, but I found I never used the watch to communicate by itself, so I turned off my cellular connection for my iWatch and just connect via my iPhone X. I save a few bucks each month and my iWatch battery has less power drain with the local Bluetooth connection with my iPhone.

      I also like the ability to use the crown button on my iWatch as a handy volume control on the BlueTooth speaker playing Spotify for me - I find it handy both in bed and while driving.

      Different strokes for different folks.

      I was a little anxious when I first started using my watch to wake me for sunrise photoshoots which I really didn't want to oversleep for, but after using it for dozens of times, I have high confidence in it to perform properly and to arouse me on time. The vibrations on my wrist are gentle, not jolting me awake, but persistent, in bringing me back to consciousness.

    • I have a Casio alarm clock almost identical with the one below, that's nearing 30 years old now. It never fails to work! I can't kill it!

      in fact I admired it's reliability so much, I bought a Casio point and shoot camera, and that too worked under gruesome conditions for several years (in rain - even not being designed as such, banging it, letting it drop on a lanyard, using it almost as a disposable, etc).

    • At $11 it is almost a disposeable clock 🥺

      Runs on AA batteries, not described by WalMart vending page, but by a reviewer, who complained that the buttons to set time and alarms were small and hard to use.

      Do you notice that @Dracula ??

    • $10 to $15 is what most of the battery operated clocks go for. My clock that lasted three or four years was set by radio waves to the atomic clock and would regularly fall to a hardwood floor at least once or twice a month. And it cost less than ten bucks. I think when I bought it I picked up three or four clocks from Walmart for thirty bucks total and just tried them all out and recycled the ones that didn’t meet expectations. The cost is irrelevant if I find something that works. This philosophy doesn’t apply to buying new cars.

    • I bought mine in a flea market in Eastern Europe! And yes it does use two AA batteries which usually last a year or more. I keep that thing on my night stand on all the time.

    • I'm replying again to you.. perhaps I didn't make myself clear. This clock has such value to me now, that any niggles are discarded as non existent. I will say that in 30 years, where it hasn't stopped once, it has amazed me with the accuracy and reliability. Find me something else similar, please?

    • How about this GLOUE Travel Alarm Clock on Amazon for $15.99 with 5 star reviews ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.️

      It is stylish, dimmable (5 levels of brightness) and battery powered with 3 AAA or a direct 5V USB.

      I don't own one, so I can't really say how good it is.

    • "Longitude" was first a great book by Dava Sobel.

      Published in 1995 with an Introduction by Neil Armstrong. Armstrong's Introduction is well worth reading, as an astronaut he fully understood the extreme importance of position calculation when travelling through the void..

      John Harrison ultimately received £20,000 - or about $3,000,000 current dollars, from the English Crown for his creation and fabrication of reliable marine chronometers which let English naval vessels determine their longitude ( East West positioning at sea ) to a rough accuracy of about 5 miles. This was very important because whole flotillas of English Naval Vessels had literally sailed onto the rocks due to their inability to determine longitude. Harrison's invention was life saving for sailors at sea.

      You can see one of Harrison's chronometers today in Greenwich England. What a priviledge.

      I photographed one when I visited Greenwich in September of 2011, on my way to Kenya for safari

      Dava Sobel is a female author who has writen several interesting books revolving around science or science history. Wikipedia says she is also a chaser of solar eclipses, having seen 8 by August 2012. I don't know if she was watching the one I watched in Glendo Wyoming on August 21, 2017

    • I saw the movie many years ago and enjoyed it thoroughly. Michael Gambon is one of my favorite actors: if you haven’t seen the bizarre series, The Singing Detective, it’s worth checking out.

    • Okay, I’ve never been stylish with my alarm clock selections, but the reviews confirmed for me the wisdom of your kind recommendation. It has been ordered. Looking forward to a better wake up experience.


    • Let us know how you like it once you get it. I hope I didn't recommend a dud, but I'm trusting reviews on Amazon, which generally are true.

    • I received the clock this afternoon. It is tiny and now lies flat on my night stand. Very stylish and the night display illumination isn’t too bright so less likely to wake a spouse if you check the time in the middle of the night. The alarm sound seems loud enough at 60 decibels to wake you and the tone is less jarring than other alarm clocks I’ve owned. Controls are straight forward, although it took some rereading of the instructions to figure out how to turn off the alarm for the weekends. Tomorrow morning we shall see if it works as expected, or if I will be cursing you out for leading me astray. 😉

    • Okay, I’ve used it for two wake ups now and I like it. It lies flat on my nightstand so less likely to get knocked over in the middle of the night. The alarm light is low enough that it isn’t waking my wife yet it provides enough illumination to turn off the alarm: I usually first hit the big snooze button to stop the sound, which isn’t ear piercingly loud or brain jarring in tone; and then I fiddle for the button in back to turn off today’s alarm, which then automatically resets for tomorrow. My old alarm was too bright, too jarring in sound, and you had to switch the alarm off to stop it AND then remember to switch it back on for tomorrow. The new alarm is both stylish and functional, meeting or exceeding expectations.