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    • I think the biggest misconception about data is to do data analysis you need clean data. I think that every person in the world says “data is messy, data is terrible, I can’t make decisions off of it.” But cleaning up data is a lifelong endeavor. You will ALWAYS be cleaning up data. It will never get clean! So I think that the question should shift from “is my data clean” to “How do I structure my data so that even if it’s dirty I can still use it to make informed decisions.” I always make a joke that “no company has one lead per person in Salesforce. It’s always four leads per person, like 5 contacts, there’s a lot of duplication in the nature of that.” So asking a simple question like “How many leads converted” Is a bit harder in data unless you structure the data: so the question shifts to “Given everyone’s first-ever lead, what is their first-ever conversion” and that guarantees all the nuances and the duplications can be cleaned up in that question we are answering.