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    • With all the negative reality in the world of late, where do you find happiness?

      I’ve started watching a five minute guided meditation before bed and the nature visuals and sounds help to filter out the day’s detritus. (The series, if you’re interested, is called The Daily Chill and has a new meditation every day, although you can select any of the previous episodes as well.)

      I also find happiness in the simplicity of a handful of blueberries: an enjoyable snack that’s sweet and high in nutrition.

      Just a couple examples of the many ways I seek and find happiness.

      What about you? What provides you with consistent happiness?

    • With the Shelter In Place and Stay at Home recommendations I was becoming very down spirited and needed to find something to lift my spirits. 71 days ago I started posting a picture to facebook each morning that brings back happy memories. Luckily I have many pictures that bring up outstanding memories when I see them.

      The majority of my good memories revolve around motorcycles, riding them, traveling on them, looking at them, and being with friends that are also passionate about them.

      My family photo: