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    • Here’s what we know at this point.

      The US stock market was down for the seventh consecutive day of trading due to the coronavirus. Trump refuses to guarantee that a vaccine will be affordable for all. A whistleblower claims that proper precautions were not taken when processing infected people: if the claim is true, assume that it happened at other locations and is responsible for spreading contagion. Come July when Trump starts campaigning, he may find himself in empty stadiums because no one is willing to risk communal infection.

      What do you think? Is passing the buck to Pence going to be enough to deflect the negative wave that’s on the horizon?

    • Interesting question. I’m personally of the persuasion that this could come back to haunt Trump. Too early to tell if it will, but if things get worse, his whole “Keep America Safe” motto will seem very hollow.

    • Terri Kanefield is a brilliant legal and political scholar who provides a point by point explanation on significant issues of the day. This is from her breakdown of why Trump is in serious trouble right now because of the coronavirus.

    • This picture, from NASA, should put fear in the minds of the Trump administration since a similar future could impact the United States.

      NASA images show measurable decrease in airborne nitrogen dioxide over China"There is evidence that the change is at least partly related to the economic slowdown following the outbreak of coronavirus," the news release says. (NASA)