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    • Posting Robin’s story on social media, we immediately got dozens of offers to help. Klim Motorcycle kindly donated brand-new jacket and pants for Robin and two Klim helmets for him and Angel. A good friend and fellow adventurer, John Wood, and his son Ethan sent a whole riding kit for Angel, with the help of the Davis Service Center in Colorado: sturdy motocross boots, body armor and a modular helmet. With the money raised, we also bought Angel some shoes, school supplies and a few toys.

      But now we needed to get all this treasure to Robin in Guatemala City. Shipping was expensive and would take a long time, so we knew we needed to find another solution. As if by miracle, Gustavo Scherenberg, a Mexican adventure rider and editor of the ADV Motero Magazine, offered to drive to Texas, pick up the package, and deliver it to Robin and Angel personally. Gustavo drove for hundreds of miles, then hopped on a plane in Mexico and landed in Guatemala City – all of this just to meet Robin and Angel and bring them the surprise package. We’d met Gustavo months ago on a similar mission: back in February, he and his adventure motorcycle club were bringing pairs of shoes and toys to a Taharumaha girls’s school in Batopilas.

      “I wanted to help Robin because I thought he was an exceptional person, and I wanted to be part of this story. Being able to help is a gift and being part of the motorcycling community enables us all to share it,” Gustavo said later.

    • Robin and Angel were surprised by Gustavo’s visit – but we decided we could do more. Robin was really struggling to make ends meet, but he still dedicated time and energy to learn to fix motorcycles. “I love everything about bikes. A bike gave me my legs back; I love riding them, I love fixing them, and I’m hoping to open a small motorcycle mechanics shop one day”, – Robin told me. The only problem was, Robin couldn’t afford any tools.

      That’s where Justin Schuchat, an adventure rider of End of All Roads we’d briefly met in Antigua, Guatemala, came in. “My father used to fix cars and bikes, and he left a garage – full of tools that nobody uses anymore. I’m happy to donate those tools to Robin, because I know my father would have wanted them to be used,” Justin said.

      And the miracles just kept on happening: once Justin’s sister, Jenny, had picked out and packed a few chests full of tools, our friend and fellow rider JD Dyess drove to Texas to pick them up and deliver them to Louisiana, where the package was taken by Steve Osborn on his way to Guatemala. Steve has been volunteering in a Guatemalan orphanage for years, and he told us he’d happily deliver the tools.

      “Wow! I am so impressed with Robin!”, Steve told us later. “I got the stuff to Robin today, and I am overfull with ways we could help this man – so humble, so clean and orderly…and so full of love for his son. But mainly, it’s the joy of life! You guys are connecting and empowering a nuclear reactor in the form of a one-legged hero,” Steve wrote.

      Once in a while, we still chat to Robin online. “I’m so grateful to the whole motorcycling community who made this happen”, – Robin says.

      He and Angel still live in Guatemala City: Angel goes to school, while Robin works as a courier and fixes his little wood and tin house. Now, though, they ride safely, and Robin is already getting a few orders to fix motorcycles, cars and bicycles here and there. Justin’s father’s tools have become a lifeline for him.

    • Wow....what an incredible story. Happy tears in my morning coffee. Once again how ADV Rider is an incredible network of adventurers and humanitarians. Thanks Evergreen for an awesome story.

    • I had a conversation with an austrailian YouTuber who was talking about a motorcyclist with one leg and what the community was trying to do for him. What a small world we live in! I love thi story! Thank you for sharing this!