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    • There was a New York Times article last week on the joys as a parent of composting your junior Picasso’s creations when they’re not looking [1]. Perhaps as a grandparent my perspective is quite different. I have a nice blank spot on the bulletin board in my office that’s waiting for a new drawing from my grandson. I’m not inundated with drawers of artwork from the last three months (years) and so one more drawing after a visit isn’t going to cause a purge. Wonder what the new drawing will be of this time.

      [1] New York Times 4/9/19

    • Ha! You caught me with that headline!😂

      I’m “filing” all the papers that come home from first grade. The stack is almost 4” high already! 😳 But it is also just *miraculous* to me that said first grader is now READING when he couldn’t make sense of letters strung together at this same time last year. Incredible and awesome! 😃

    • I have a “saving sorter” folder that a lot of their masterpieces go into. They don’t get thrown away right away. They marinate in there for months or a year until we/I go through and pick a few favorites to save. It’s not nearly as emotional when some time has passed since they created them.