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    • What an amazing juxtaposition! I love the volumetric clouds and their orange glow. It looks like a pretty wide-angle shot. 24mm or less?

      I could only come up with one of the "Fire and Ice" shots of my own. I took it a few years back after a snow storm at Lake Tahoe, California. Got up right before a sunrise but all I had was my iPhone to take a pano through the window.

    • Thanks, Chris! Looking forward to interacting with this great community. Thanks for providing us all an outlet to share our thoughts and creativity πŸ™Œ

      And yes, puddle is still a weird word to me πŸ˜‚

    • That is gorgeous! Any sort of pine trees covered in snow gives me all the feels. Mine was shot with a 15mm wide angle lens 😊

    • juxtaposition of cold winter scenes with the warm tones of a sunrise

      The more I think about this the more I love it, but I'm wondering: is this fairly common knowledge among landscape photographers, something I should have known?

      I sometimes interact a little with Carol Guzy, who was won 4 Pulitzer Prizes for her photojournalism, the only photographer to accomplish that. She said the most compelling shots juxtapose innocence with tragedy. I'll never forget that.

      The best photo I ever took was printed 440" x 80" on SmugMug's walls. The Prague airport wanted to print it even bigger but I, erem, never got around to following up with them. Whoops. I bring it up because it juxtaposes fresh winter snow on Prague with a warm sunrise.

      Unfortunately, after teasing that, I don't have it online because the pixel count was extraordinary (300 shots stitched). But I'll try and dig it up and post a downressed version.