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    • I spent several years at the now defunct site called the Arcanum, which promoted a Master/Apprentice style of learning photography. That model might work well here on Cake. Have the general panels, but then pair people with a mentor for more guided instruction.

      I would be interested in being a mentor. My specialty is glamour and fine art model photography, in the studio, outdoors, and underwater. (NSFW)

    • Sounds good @Moose408 glad to have the help. Yes a same to see the Arcanum come to an end it seemed to show promise, the idea was good. As you say maybe we can get something like that going here as part of this, might be like a stage two, with stage one the basics and when we then branch out into other area then the mentorships can take over if we get enough people on board willing to lend some time. I usually take images of things that don't talk back so not one of my strong points so appricate your input when we get to that. Having said that tonight I did get to shoot a model as part of a Canon event to try out the EOR R, My second go with one after the Canon light awards final late last year. Still a nice piece of gear, but not for me just yet. Here's one from tonights shoot not up to your standards so work in progress on this one I think, but still a fun night out.