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    • i have open invitations to go, I built one off custom bikes for a few guys and one is a photographer of note in Iceland.

      He told me I was featured in one of his photography exibitions after i had spotted myself in a ride report on ADVrider that a Russian guy went to, talk about a small world

      When I told him his response was -

      rtwpaul, NO frigging way!!!!!!!!

      Honestly, I'm dumbstruck for words here, what are the chances that an Icelander gets a bike build in (Las Vegas) America then exhibits it in a library along with his snaps, only to find a Russian, 2 years on, stumble onto it after riding a German bike from England...and not have ANY idea until the internet proves otherwise!

      Its on our list of places to ride in the future for sure, and that ride report for again a dfferent look at Iceland is here -