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    • Anyone else here suffer from Tinnitus, constant buzzing in your ears?

      I've had it for probably 20 years due to too much loud rock music and riding loud motorcycles with crap helmets and no earplugs.

      Facebook's algorithms have gotten onto me as even though I don't think I've searched or clicked anything related to Tinnitus it's constantly serving up ads for a product called Calmer from Flare Audio.

      The advertising blurb says the design brief was for 'A small device worn in the ear to reduce stress. Calmer features a unique technology that reduces distortion in our ears and calms your environment in a subtle, but potentially life-changing way.' but has had unexpected beneficial results for Tinnitus sufferers, even though they weren't specifically part of the design brief.

      Has anyone tried Flare Audios Calmer plugs?

    • I don’t have it but a friend of mine does. He’s had surgery but minimal success. I see so many advertisements with nonsense cures but at least the one you mention seems at least plausible.

    • The other version of the advert came up today which is mainly text rather than pretty marketing.

      We were shocked to hear that Calmer® is helping some people with their tinnitus!

      We’ve had a lot of feedback from people saying: “Wait what’s this? Calmer can cure tinnitus?! Where do I buy?!” And others saying: “snake oil.”
      We understand how much tinnitus effects people so we want to be very clear about what Calmer does and the way it has reduced tinnitus for some people.

      1. What is Calmer? Calmer is a new in-ear technology that was originally designed to increase sound quality and reduce stress by reducing irritating distortion of frequencies between 2 and 8kHz that cause us stress. It is not an earplug and it doesn’t reduce volume. It is an in-ear waveguide that better channels sound into our ears. We have independent research from the Institute of sound and Vibration Research to prove that they successfully do this.

      2. How does it help with tinnitus? The fact that Calmer is helping some people's tinnitus was a real surprise to us. The reason for this is not yet known and Flare is working with a number of health organisations to conduct randomised control tests to find out which groups of people benefit and which do not. We do know that fitment, and patience (we suggest wearing Calmer for at least a few hours over a few days) has a great effect on results.

      3. Tinnitus comes from inside the brain so how can Calmer help me? Yes this is true - but headaches can sometimes be caused by our vision and that can be rectified by wearing glasses. Until we have the results of the randomised control tests we won't know for sure who benefits but we do know that there are already thousands of people benefitting from Calmer.

      4. How has Calmer helped? The results we have seen from users regarding tinnitus have been really mixed. Some people experience no reduction at all. Others range from a subtle reduction of tinnitus to a significant turning down. Whilst others experience a dramatic total reduction as soon as they wear Calmer.

      5. If Calmer doesn’t help my tinnitus then what? If Calmer provides no tinnitus relief then we would hope that Calmer’s stress reducing properties and sound sound quality improvement would be a benefit instead. If not then we offer a full refund for anyone who is not completely satisfied.

    • ’”helps some people”. I’d check the research they are talking about. I’d also try to find independent reviews of the product. If it’s successful for some, it wouldn’t be long before your specialist doctor knew of it.

    • I'm beyond ringing ears...

      I have angry birds.

      I'm 65yo. Never wore hearing protection as a teen while duck, bird and deer hunting. Never wore hearing protection in the Marine Corps while shooting small arms or flying jets. Never wore hearing protection in the cockpit of American Airlines aircraft my entire career. Never wore foam plugs under my moto helmet until about 20 years ago (been riding since I was 12).

      Now I suffer the consequences, significant hearing loss with all kind of sounds in my head.

      Hearing loss due to environmental conditions is insidious. You lose a tiny little bit with each high dB (>85 dB) event.

      Protect your hearing always, begin today!

      Living with hearing loss and acute tinnitus is not fun!

      I've been to many ENTs and other hearing loss professionals over the decades. But hands down, the most comprehensive hearing evaluation by a board certified audiologist I've ever had was at COSTCO! And it was FREE! I have been wearing ReSound behind the ear hearing aides purchased through COSTCO for several years. They help some, but, not like have your normal hearing. Protect your hearing!

      Sadly, there is no cure for tinnitus. There are apps (like ReSound's) that help you learn to live with the condition, but again, no cure.