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    • Who could imagine there would be enormous crowds, traffic jams and 1,000 corgis at a Corgi convention? Not me. But holy cow, the love of Corgis was strong.

    • I have found that people who have Corgis are exceptionally in love with these dogs.
      with their stubby little legs they do look adorable and also seem to have great personalities. Understandable that the Corgi Con had such a crowd.

    • This was a typical scene. So much Corgi cuteness overload, so many people going crazy over them.

    • I didn't know they came in black. It's pretty incredible that anything with legs this short could move so fast, but maybe this guy was bullet supercharged Corgi or something.

    • There were lots of vendors in tents selling things like doggie sunglasses and floral leis.

    • Oh my goodness. Aloha to the cute Hula Corgi. Next year, I will go. I say that most years. Glad you went and got such cute pictures!

    • Yeah, I think the black ones are Cardigans, and the typical orange ones are Pembroke. The dog rescue place where we got our dogs thought Soda Pop might be part Corgi. Some times I can see it. Sometimes I think Border Collie. Markings are similar; white tip on tail, speckled feet and belly. She's definitely a herder.