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    • Hey, you used my tweet to start a conversation 😁

      Which is ironic, considering I very rarely create playlists but just happened to create one a few days ago (hence the tweet).

      I don't really listen to new music, I prefer to listen to music I know I like, so many of my playlists are songs from my youth. I don't really have an "ultimate" playlist, my playlists are more thematic. A playlist of old 90s songs, a playlist of my favourite rock songs, and as you can see in my tweet, I now have a playlist for k-pop songs too. When I do create a new playlists from new music, I usually discover the music through Spotify's algorithms. More often than not the recommendations are quite good.

    • I love composing playlists for myself. I have so many on my iPhone. Top 25 Michael Jackson, Top 25 Prince, Ultimate Michael Jackson, Ultimate Prince, Ultimate David Bowie, Ultimate Billie Joel, Ultimate Elton John, Prince vs. Michael Jackson, Billie Joel vs. Elton John, 90s hip hop, Best of George Michael and Wham! and so many others.

      For me, I like to curate playlists around my favorite artists and/or set a certain theme. Whether it be my favorite songs of an artist, tracks that I feel are deep cuts, etc. I just love coming up with new combinations of playlists and putting different artists together.

      I do feel like Apple Music does a great job at allowing you to create playlists. I also like the ability to share playlists with my family and friends. One cool feature is if I add to a playlist that I've already shared with them, they'll get the update as well.

    • I feel ya on the album thing. Great albums have a certain vibe and feel going from one track to the next. That's something that a playlist won't give you. Great artists are selective about the tracks they put on their albums so as to make sure they maintain that same feel. That's why some great tracks get left off. Michael Jackson was that way.

    • Two things: First, I dig K-Pop and J-Pop. I found this artist Anri on YouTube (J-Pop) that's awesome. Secondly, you seem to be like me in that it takes a little while for a song to make my rotation. I have a certain set of songs I really like to go to and I don't explore new songs as much as I should. That said, once I find a song I really dig, it makes the team and gets a prominent role.

    • I'd love to chime in, but as an independent, unsigned artist who had the privilege of being interviewed by earlier this year. . Oftentimes, I rely upon the Spotify Discover Weekly playlists to bring me new fans, since as an independent artist, I can't invest millions of dollars into marketing. I do think accolades and buzz do help strangers to come across and actually take the time to listen to my music but it's still tough!

      For those of you who listen to music, and love soul, pop, blues, r&b, country and overall singer/songwriter vibes, I'd LOVE your consideration to add a song or two of mine on any of your playlists!

      You can find my 3rd album (a full length and most recent album) here where it can be streamed via any medium:

      Of these songs, if you can't decide which to listen to first, here are some songwriting awards I've garnered this year:

      -2018 Hollywood Music in Media Awards - FINALIST in AMERICANA/FOLK/ACOUSTIC - (FATHER'S LAND)

      Thank you in advance for taking the time to listen!


    • Also, please let me know what medium (i.e. spotify, apple, pandora, etc) each of you use to digest new music!

      JaeJin, thanks for joining the panel. I primarily use Pandora for listening and to learn about new music through their suggestions: mainly EDM (Kaskade). I’ve also discovered new music from a band’s appearance on Saturday Night Live (Haim, Florence + the Machine, Tame Impala).

      As a recording artist, where have you found the most success in getting your music out into the world?


    • I subscribe to Spotify Premium in order to stream and download (for offline) songs at 320kbps quality. Streaming quality and selection was the biggest draw for me to Spotify. I’ve been a customer for over 5 years now.

      I use Spotify recommendations playlists like “Discover Weekly” to find new songs based on what I’ve been listening to lately. While casually listening I would mark some of them as favorites thus improving recommendations and so I can add them later manually to one of my playlists.

    • I mainly use Youtube and Google music for streaming and Amazon for purchasing individual songs. After setting up an Amazon echo in my den I have found myself also relying more on this after coming home from work. Alexa play John Coltrane!!!

    • Like @Vilen, I use Spotify Premium for most of my listening and finding new music these days. I have a fair number of tunes from iTunes and Amazon on my HD, but these days Spotify rules my listening roost.

      I like the Daily Drive and the Release Radar to help me listen to new possibilities.

      I was slow to develop affection for Spotify, since my music tastes exclude almost all current hit music played on the radio, preferring smaller folk, blues and Americana artists.

      I recently spent two weeks in Scotland and I came home with new names of Scottish Artists I heard over there, and lo and behold, Spotify has just blossomed with offerings for me with folk/rock/ Irish and Gaelic artists - How did I ever miss Runrig for so long?? Start with "The Cutter and the Clan"! And Julie Fowlis. Alba IS Gaelic for Scotland. Listen to Runrig sing their signature song, Loch Lomond! 😍

      My stereo systems were large pre-digital Klipsch speakers and multiple NAD pre-amps and power amps scattered about my house. Now I have multiple Sonos systems and Bose speakers powered by the Sonos Amp.

      My iPhone now has 16 different Bluetooth connections for powering my music, in my home and my vehicles. What a feast!

      My older systems get signals from AudioEngine's Bluetooth B1 receivers - they work great! I tried several of the cheaper Bluetooth receivers with poor results, either in audio quallty or connection relialbility, but the Bluetooth receivers with Qualcomm aptX HD innards really rock

      On a slightly different note, @slamdunk406 seems like the only poster to say he uses Apple music. I have been wondering if I should try it, since with Catalina, the iTunes store really doesn't offer much that I am interested in any longer - all the obscure, smaller less well know blues and folk/country/rock artists are no longer featured or recommended in my iTunes store now. Anyone else notice this? I really don't want to pay for both Spotify and Apple music, and right now Spotify gets my vote. Should I reconsider?