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    • Adore

      Every day I wonder
      how much you have grown

      how taller you are
      how smarter you have become.

      Time passes by
      as I stare at the sky

      miss your smile
      and for a little while

      you are not so far anymore.

      I do not know what is at store,
      but I do know that I want more

      to be closer to the two of you
      grab you from the floor,

      throw you to the skies,
      catch you when you sleep

      and wipe your tears when you weep.

      For Isabela

      Rodrigo Teixeira
      Palo Alto
      April 15, 2017

    • Hey Chris,

      Was a true pleasure to meet with you today. Thanks for spending time and for the great conversation.

      My kids are living abroad for the time being, and this was something I wrote to my daughter on her 11th birthday. Its hard to be apart.


    • First Angel

      © Anthony Charness

      Published: February 2008

      By far, one of the happiest days of my entire life 
      Was the day my first born daughter was born unto myself and my wife

      The very first moment I looked at my newborn baby's face
      I knew we both had been blessed with Creation's overflowing gift of grace

      When I walked out of the hospital for the first time, with my tiny angel from above
      I could never imagine how rich and meaningful my life was going to become, 
      because of her presence and love

      Today, she is now thirteen years old...
      I sit and watch in quiet amazement, noticing her inner beauty and individuality, 
      have really started to unfold

      Endless words would never capture the depth of my love for her
      I dread missing her one day, and her no longer needing me, after she's all grown up and mature

      So I cling preciously to these present days that I still have with my little girl
      The world is my oyster... and she is my shiniest pearl

      Her shyness, love of animals, plants and music, and time alone...she's just like me
      I hope that her life will be as magical and precious, as any earth angel's life can be

      Watching the sunlight reflect from her curly hair, tan skin, and light blue young eyes
      I love it when she sings or plays basketball, shoots the ball and tries

      For I know all those subtle little moments of her effort will indeed add up, you'll see
      They'll add up to that incredible young woman, my daughter is most destined to be

      Always remember "my little girl", I love you so very much- probably more than you'll ever know
      I'm signing off from this poem, but remember, your Daddy will never, ever, let you go