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    • You would think I would have drowned my camera doing something epic like breaking through the ice on a snow machine after shooting IronDog, or in the monster waves of Mavericks, but no. I rented an underwater housing for a vacation in Hawaii and while I wasn't looking, little Daniel took the O-ring from the housing to wear as a necklace.

      As I was swimming out to film sea turtles, the camera got heavy and started to sink. Uh oh. I rushed to rinse it out with shower water and put it in rice. Then sent it to Canon to repair.

      It turns out that you can save them if you thoroughly rinse with distilled water immediately then something something, don't remember, and overnight to Canon. But I didn't and Canon said it couldn't be saved.

    • There was a hummingbird that chose a wall outside our apartment to go into torpor a couple years ago. Unfortunately it didn't survive, and was likely already dead by the time I got this picture. Normally hummingbirds have to eat about every 15 minutes to survive.

    • I have no way of capturing a hummingbird but my eye, but we get quite a few here: they love a few of our plants, including the butterfly bush. It's not native in Oregon, and some consider it invasive, but I haven't been able to bring myself to root out the ones the previous homeowner planted, because the hummingbirds like them!

      We have mostly Anna's. My favorite thing -- I'm a fiction writer, we're vicious and thrive on conflict -- is the weird noises the males make when they're whizzing at each other in territorial conflict. Tiny angry chirp-buzzes of doom! I've heard this called 'jousting', I can only assume because of the shape of their pointy wee bills!