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    • Please check with your doctor if it's been a long time since you've done anything active.

      The goal is for people to add to the list and pick at least one thing to try

      1) Don't keep pop(or other sugary drinks) in your house or don't keep as much of it in your house.
      2) Pump up the tires on your old bicycle and go for a ride around the block. Don't get overly ambitious the first couple times but just shoot for enjoying some fresh air and seeing the world in a new light. You may just like it and do it again.
      3)Ask a friend to play a racquet sport with you. Try to pick something you've done before.
      4)Reduce the amount of meals you eat out of the home.
      5)Buy a new recipe book that includes healthy meals. If you don't normally cook or don't know how to cook then buy a 3 or 4 ingredient recipe book.
      6)Get off the computer and go for a walk. Start small with a walk to the mail box, then the next day to the end of the street, then around the block. Make it a regular part of your day.
      7)Take the stairs instead of the elevator every monday.
      8)Sign up on a fitness app that one of your friends has been bugging you to try. Many connect you with other people who are trying to get fit or healthier and it can be very encouraging to have other people giving you online encouragement to keep going.
      9)Ask your significant other to go for a walk with you. It needn't be anywhere special (though it could be) or long but try to let go off everything else and enjoy the fresh air.
      10)Take a drive somewhere then get out and go for a walk with a garbage bag. Pick up discarded recyclable bottles and/or garbage. This is something I see more and more couples doing while I'm out on my bicycle.
      11)Go to a fitness class like Spin, Zumba or Body Pump. Just do half the class the first time if you haven't done one before. You don't want to be sore for a week and never make it back again. Anyway there's no pressure to have to go back you're just trying to do something active and hopefully have fun at the same time.
      12)Reduce the amount of sugar you take in your coffee.
      13)Try to eat more whole grains
      14)Consider biking or walking to work if it's feasible. You don't have to do it every day but try it once at least so you can say you've done it.
      15)Take the laundry off that treadmill or stationary bike and use it for 10 minutes. Feel good about yourself!
      16)Eat a fruit instead of a sugary snack
      17)Get in the habit of taking a water bottle to work and using it.
      18)Plan a day, weekend or trip with a friend or partner that involves some activity. It could be as simple as walking, hiking, snowshowing or biking.
      19)Get yourself a new pair of walking, hiking or running shoes and go try them out!
      20)Join Cake and read Chris's posts about Esselstyn's diet tips on how to significantly reduce your risk of having a heart attack. Try at least one of his diet recommendations.
      21)Go to the farmers market and buy some fresh vegetables and/or fruit.
      22)Go to the local pool and splash around.
      23)Sign up for a triathlon. Get a friend to sign up with you. Find a Cake coversation by Vilen for tips on successfully completing your first triathlon.
      24)Do some home chores you've been putting off.
      25)Do some gardening.
      26)Go volunteer somewhere you'll have to stand or use your body actively.
      27) ???
      28) ????

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    • 27) I guess seeing a doctor to get some help with quitting smoking would be a huge step towards healthy living for people who currently smoke.

    • I would like to get back to my yoga classes. They worked wonders for me.

      If you're fat like me it can be a challenge to get yourself in the door. But a studio worth its salt will have beginner classes and won't judge you for your body.

      And your bike tip is great. I was getting back on my bike then we had a fire in the North Bay that made it smokey here. I fell out of the habit too easily. I'll take her for a spin tomorrow and report back. Thanks for all the great ideas.