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    • That's so odd! If I was flying into an airport and knew I didn't have the means to take my bag with me I would pack it in a cardboard box in the first place. On arrival I could then take the items I needed and discard the box.

      Back in the days when I toured by bicycle I would fly in some place, assemble my bicycle and attach my panniers to the bike. Sometimes I would use a light nylon duffle bag to get my things checked. If my bike was in a cardboard box I simply folded it and asked for a place to discard the box. If my bike was in a bicycle case I would find somewhere to store it. If I was doing a circle tour I usually booked a place to stay on the first and last night and asked that they hold it for me. If I was doing a point to point tour I shipped the case to my final destination, again finding a place that would accept shipment and hold the case for me.

      I agree with your warning sign designations.

      I wonder if the individual really wanted an answer or if he or she was a troll of sorts.