The gimmick is that a vocalist accompanied by an acoustic guitar or piano sings a song in a literal shower.

No water running and no nudity. Shower Sessions is a series of acoustic sets from artists I’ve never heard of but who were incredibly talented, to be honest.

There’s a certain test of capabilities of a vocalist without a five piece backing band, mega stadium speakers, light shows, a roaring crowd, and studio engineers with a mixing board the length of a refrigerator.


Set #1

Loote singing “Your Side of the Bed”. Female vocalist with backing male vocalist and keyboards. Great harmonies and a bittersweet song of trying to move on from her ex, but it’s still “your side of the bed.” So good I had to listen to it twice in a row to fully appreciate this gem.


Set #2

Kassi Ashton singing “Field Party.” Female vocalist with accompanying acoustic guitarist. The song as performed felt like it was a stripped down version of a “big production number” that would normally have a crew of backup singers. Not one of my favorites.


Set #3

Donna Missal singing “Thrills.” Female vocalist with accompanying electric guitarist. Damn, she can belt out a tune. So much passion and energy in her performance. A perfectly performed song that was well-chosen for the small setting.


Set #4

Duckwrth singing “2Bucks.” Male vocalist with accompanying keyboards. Very short song at two minutes forty two seconds, about twenty seconds spent on a warm up intro and mid-song countdown. Very limited range of notes played by the keyboardist. It felt like the song had been thrown together an hour before the recording session.


Set #5

Amber Mark singing “Love Me Right.” Female vocalist with accompanying acoustic guitarist. What a sweet voice from Amber Mark as she sings this pretty love song. 


Set #6

Banners singing “Start a Riot.” Three male vocalists with acoustic guitar, finger snapping, hand clapping and foot stomping. After awhile the hand clapping became visually distracting: I think one of the two back up singers was clapping out of tune and I found myself trying to figure out which one it was. A satisfactory performance but not particularly memorable.