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    • I had a “5” for several years until it became clear that I had reached the end of its usefulness. So in November, I went to the Apple Store and gave them a nice chunk of change for an iPhone XR.

      Was it worth it?

    • Every month I would have to delete photos, videos and apps just to install an iPhone update on my old phone.  Today, after adding several new apps to the iPhone XR, I still have 100 gigs of free space available.

    • The camera on the iPhone XR is a quantum leap in quality from what I had.  This is a photo that I shot with the new phone through a window, the image cropped from a landscape to zoom in on the tree.  It’s not gallery quality but it’s a huge improvement in quality from the old phone’s photos. Plus, I now have the storage space to use the Adobe Photoshop Express app and was therefore able to apply the “Silvered” filter to the image.

    • Screen size.  I’ll admit I did like the portability of the smaller phone.  Like most things, the larger screen size was a wow factor for the first week but now I take it for granted.  And it’s the equivalent of putting a small paperback in your jean pocket. If I could’ve gotten the XS I think I would’ve been plenty happy but they were out at the store and I wanted a phone now.  But still a minor quibble.

    • Battery life.  I was having to charge my old phone at work every day around lunchtime. I chalked it up to listening to a lot of music and gradually got used to having to recharge multiple times a day.  I also had to turn off the phone every night or else it could be on fumes by morning.

      The new phone stays on for 24 hours without needing a charge.  

    • Beyond that, it’s pretty much the same functionality with a slightly different layout.  I did need to pay ten bucks for an audio jack adaptor to play Pandora through my car stereo, but that’s about it.

      I know several people who recently upgraded from an iPhone 6, so hopefully this review was helpful.  Ask me anything if you have any questions.

    • Considering you were rocking an iPhone 5 before, you definitely made the right move. I got an iPhone 7 three years ago, still love it, and found it to be a huge upgrade over the 5. So I can only imagine what a quantum leap this is for you. Glad you are enjoying it!

    • One quick note on battery life: Batteries age with time, so what your battery is right now isn’t what it will be in a year or two. I haven’t had to change my iPhone 7’s battery, as it still lasts me for a good amount of time, but do know that your battery will age and if needed, you can replace it/change it. Also, look into getting a case that will charge your phone. I got one a couple years back and it has been awesome!