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    • Do you think Forbes was being too dramatic with this headline?

      Was it really stunning, or was it training of AI to improve it? Do you think any customers will leave over it?

      However, I thought Apple's banner on the side of a building in Las Vegas was gross: "What happens on your iPhone, stays on your iPhone." I know what they were trying to say but what they actually said seemed so wrong.

    • I still think the thing no one seems worried about — your search history — is the most sensitive thing and if Google gets hacked, a lot of people will be embarrassed. I feel like what we tell Siri is just a small overlapping subset of that.

      I didn't know until recently that the administrators of my GSuite account had complete access to all my data including location because I used my company email for Google Maps and search.

      My conclusion is don't search or tell Siri anything you'd be embarrassed about if it went public.

    • Embarrassed?!? Hell, I'll tell people what sort of Porn I like or what drugs I used to take if they want to know, let alone worry about what TV remote knows! :-)

    • @Chris said :My conclusion is don't search or tell Siri anything you'd be embarrassed about if it went public."

      Absolutely, and something I live by, and tried to instill in my children. I have been using the Brave browser more and more, too.

      Sadly, I think my children just think I don't know what I'm talking about.

      I always told my children that anything they post might just as well been published on a large billboard on an interstate highway. I don't think the reality ever REALLY stuck though.

      One does what one can I guess.

      It would be interested to see the feeling of folks from other nations in this regard also.

    • I wondered how you were liking the Brave browser. To me it’s functionally superior on many sites, not just better from a privacy point of view.

      For example, I like the site History Daily because I like historic photos. On mobile it’s fine with Chrome but I like big photos so I use my laptop. They turn it into a slideshow and bombard it with awful ads that renders it almost unusable in Chrome. But it’s butter on Brave.

    • I haven't commtted to Brave on my desktop yet - I still use Safari most of the time, but on my phone, I like Brave and it is fast too.

      On my iPad, I really don't use google , except for Google maps, but I don't sign in for them. But they are just so much better than everyone elses maps. I continue to gradually explore with Brave on my iPad also.

    • I left Apple when I realized that they were trying to completely control my information and then charge me to have access to it. Somehow, I'm not surprised that they're listening to you too.

      Now I suppose you can accuse me of being overly dramatic, but basically, everything apple only works so long as you keep paying for apple, and keep upgrading the apple products, and buying the new apple products when they intentionally make the old ones obsolete.

      The whole, "everything works together" thing is great. It really is. But you have to keep buying the latest stuff to have anything that works. And that my friends, is too expensive, and too environmentally wasteful for me.

    • My conclusion is don't search or tell Siri anything you'd be embarrassed about if it went public.

      I think Eric Schmidt (Google CEO) would agree, as he once famously said this:

      If you have something that you don't want anyone to know, maybe you shouldn't be doing it in the first place.

      Forbes implying 1.4B should leave Apple is a little hyperbolic. Who do we leave and go to? Android. As amazing as Android is, Google is continually increasing its surveillance tentacles into flagship phones.

      I think analyzing intent is a better way to decide who to distrust less. Unfortunately bureaucratic issues lead to leaks. It's a fine line big tech walks with privacy. And this is a severe mistake, Apple. Shame on you. But as companies like Google and Facebook get hammered with privacy scandals in the recent 2 years, Apple is actively engineering solutions that illustrate that privacy really matters to them.

      An example is that Apple has end-to-end device encryption with iMessage, which means not even Apple can read your messages, protecting citizens from government surveillance backdoors and hackers, something that all other big tech services do not offer.

    • WhatsApp failed in this regard too, didn't it?

      So now I send gallery links by email, but passwords by iMessage to family members. Sounds like I made good choices.....I do trust Apple more than Google or FB or Windows. Not completely, but relatively...

      I am in the process of relearning to use a Windows 10 based computer, because many of the apps I need for astro-photography are in the Windows environment, and I haven't used a Windows based computer in over 15 years or so. So I have too think about each step, and consider the security issues at each step, as I move along.

      I am setting up an Asus Zenbook 13. Any suggestions of things not to do or to avoid. I have really tried, but the software for astrophotography lives in the Window environment. I don't even have a Micosoft account anymore. The hardware seems nice enough, but the screen is smaller than my Mac AIr 13 inch.

      I just realized, I should add the Brave browser to my Asus Zenbook.

    • WhatsApp failed in this regard too, didn't it?

      As long as people run companies, these issues will persist 😉

      I don't have any specific advice besides the regular things you should also do on a mac: Keep software update date, especially Windows because Microsoft frequently releases security updates after threats are identified. And, definitely use a password manager like 1Password.

    • Who do we leave and go to?

      Maybe Microsoft have become the white knights? Errrr ... wait ...

      TBH I'm still struggling to see what I'm supposed to be outraged about.

      A corporation being disingenuous? No f'n kidding. What a surprise.

      But someone hearing me ask a map app for directions or to call my Old Man? I feel more sorry for them having to listen to me prattle-on. :-)

    • I told my Mrs about this last night. She reckoned she's taught them some new swear words.

      No, that's not what I !#$(*^&%@($^*@#(^ SAID!!!! You *&^%@$&*^$#$)&*^!!!!!