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    • Some run on pavement, some prefere snow and mud in the mountains and forests, let me try out some categories then and see what happens. I have no idea how this network works and how does one find or create a new topic.

    • I'm also a trailrunner here. Although I mostly trailrun and compete in the winter as cross training for the triathlon season later in the year.

      There are so many great trails all around SF Bay Area. Don't know if you are into trail racing, but Brazenracing and Coastaltrailruns are my favorite series.

      Here are a few conversations you might be interested in: What are your favorite triathlon running shoes? and Running with a power meter...

      The way Cake works is that you can start a conversation on any topic that interest you. If you don't see a topic already, just start a new conversation and add that topic before publishing. The topics you follow will influence what you'll see in your personal "For You" feed.

      Would love to talk to you about trailrunning, shoes etc.

      P.S. Here on of my favorite outdoor running pic:

    • My dude, I'm from Eastern Europe so terrain reality is much different here haha. Thanks for the primer on cake, it is massively confusing at start but it looks damn promising. Too bad I can't see your post replying to it, but from memory - I can talk trail shoes any day haha so let's get it rolling, this thread or another. Triathlon is not entirely my thing, I do MTB trails but my swimming skills are horrific, nonexistent body fat (genes) makes me sink like a brick so I have a mild fear of deep water.

      Ah nevermind, I just figured out how to see your post! So, are there subject tags here or does the algorithm parse plain text for keywords?

    • Yeah, Cake can be confusing in the beginning. I found that people expect it to be just like every other social network, where you just follow people. However, on Cake you follow topics on whatever you are into. When starting a conversation, you can add topics to it before you publish it. This way people who follow those topics will see your conversation in their feeds.

      Not surprisingly, I'm also a huge fan of MTB. Back in the college days I used to race DH and was pretty good at it, but then I slowly "came down the mountain" to dirt jumping, XC and finally to road racing. Although recently I've been getting back up the mountain and into XTERRA Triathlons, which combines swimming in the lake or ocean with mountain biking and then trail running.

      Here are a couple of conversations about MTB:

      Mountain bikes...29 vs 27.5 and tire widths for "trail bikes" and Fat Biking & Gravel Riding in Winter. Even though you are in the Eastern Europe Favorite Mountain Bike trail around Bay Area? could be interesting.

      Here is my current XC race bike Niner Jet RDO:

    • Quick reply for now but here is my bike, daily commuter via gravel roads and mild trails, apologies for a ghastly photo but all I had on me was my ancient motorola G4, an upgrade is imminent.

      By western standards it is considered a budget bike but over here it is an upped mid range, about 15.5 kg, full alivio setup, sunntour xcr shocks if memory serves me right. Fine for offroady commutes etc bit holy hell I just derailed my own trail running thread didn't I haha

      And yes, I got quite a bit lost on that trip as the picture shows.

    • Sweet setup. I think that fenders are underrated, when you commute it really a big difference to stay dry and warm, nevermind the whole dirt all over you situation 😉.

      We can start another thread about mountain bikes and keep this thread on trail running topic.

    • I'm a fellow trail runner as well. I'll run on pavement when I want to a structured speed workout, but most of my miles are logged on dirt.

      I've been running in the Brooks Puregrit 6s. They're a low-drop shoe that's very underrated. I love it.