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    • An article in ArsTechnica revealed that 54 iOS apps read your clipboard data for no apparent reason. Not the sort of creepy invasion-of-privacy behavior I would expect from The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal!

      Here's the list:

      App Name — BundleID


      ABC News — com.abcnews.ABCNews
      Al Jazeera English — ajenglishiphone
      CBC News — ca.cbc.CBCNews
      CBS News — com.H443NM7F8H.CBSNews
      CNBC — com.nbcuni.cnbc.cnbcrtipad
      Fox News — com.foxnews.foxnews
      News Break — com.particlenews.newsbreak
      New York Times — com.nytimes.NYTimes
      NPR — org.npr.nprnews
      ntv Nachrichten — de.n-tv.n-tvmobil
      Reuters — com.thomsonreuters.Reuters
      Russia Today — com.rt.RTNewsEnglish
      Stern Nachrichten — de.grunerundjahr.sternneu
      The Economist — com.economist.lamarr
      The Huffington Post — com.huffingtonpost.HuffingtonPost
      The Wall Street Journal — com.dowjones.WSJ.ipad
      Vice News —


      8 Ball Pool com.miniclip.8ballpoolmult
      AMAZE!!! —
      Bejeweled — com.ea.ios.bejeweledskies
      Block Puzzle —Game.BlockPuzzle
      Classic Bejeweled — com.popcap.ios.Bej3
      Classic Bejeweled HD —com.popcap.ios.Bej3HD
      FlipTheGun — com.playgendary.flipgun
      Fruit Ninja — com.halfbrick.FruitNinjaLite
      Golfmasters — com.playgendary.sportmasterstwo
      Letter Soup — com.candywriter.apollo7
      Love Nikki — com.elex.nikki
      My Emma — com.crazylabs.myemma
      Plants vs. Zombies Heroes — com.ea.ios.pvzheroes
      Pooking – Billiards City —
      PUBG Mobile — com.tencent.ig
      Tomb of the Mask — com.happymagenta.fromcore
      Tomb of the Mask: Color — com.happymagenta.totm2
      Total Party Kill — com.adventureislands.totalpartykill
      Watermarbling — com.hydro.dipping

      Social Networking

      TikTok — com.zhiliaoapp.musically
      ToTalk —
      Tok — com.SimpleDate.Tok
      Truecaller — com.truesoftware.TrueCallerOther
      Viber — com.viber
      Weibo —
      Zoosk — com.zoosk.Zoosk


      10% Happier: Meditation —com.changecollective.tenpercenthappier
      5-0 Radio Police Scanner — com.smartestapple.50radiofree
      Accuweather — com.yourcompany.TestWithCustomTabs
      AliExpress Shopping App —
      Bed Bath & Beyond — com.digby.bedbathbeyond
      Dazn — com.dazn.theApp —
      Hotel Tonight —
      Overstock —
      Pigment – Adult Coloring Book — com.pixite.pigment
      Recolor Coloring Book to Color — com.sumoing.ReColor
      Sky Ticket —
      The Weather Network — com.theweathernetwork.weathereyeiphone

    • The engineers at the company where I work used to say iPhones were more secure than Google phones. They went quiet around last year when some terrible iPhone security flaws were found, but they still insist Apple's App Store lets in less malware. I wonder what Apple will do about this.

    • Preventing clipboard abuse is hard, because moving bits of text between apps is the whole reason for having a clipboard in the first place.

      In its most recent Android version, Google tries to at least reduce abuse by restricting clipboard access to keyboard apps and those in the foreground:

      I assume that Apple will introduce something similar - although even just notifying the user whenever a background app reads the clipboard is an interesting idea as well.

    • The lie that iOS is more secure than Android really annoys me. People genuinely believe that none of their personal data is collected and stored by third parties just because Apple says so, no matter how many times it has been proven wrong in the past.

      iOS security has fallen behind Android so much that Android exploits are now more valuable to security research too.

      “The latest set of zero-days affecting Apple’s platform announced by Google’s Project Zero were a bit of a wakeup call shattering our views on the iOS ecosystem and its security,” Jerome Segura, Director of Threat Intelligence at Malwarebytes, told Ars.

    • For many years, Apple Macs had a well-deserved reputation of not being infected with viruses anywhere close to what was the norm for pcs. Someone had said that if you were skilled enough to craft a virus on a Mac you wouldn’t be wasting your $$ in-demand talents doing so.

      My suspicion is that the Mac’s reputation of superiority created an “all things Apple are better” mindset among consumers that continued with the iphone. When I finally got my hands on a Mac a few years ago, I have to admit how shocked I was at how unimpressive the Mac was compared to a pc desktop.

      wjkr7 mentioned that iPhone 11’s camera was a letdown compared to the hype, so maybe we shouldn’t be surprised if their “impenetrable privacy protection” reputation doesn’t measure up to the hype.

    • Alan, Reddit has heard your concerns and is making amends:

      “Reddit told The Verge in a statement that it would fix code in its iOS app that copies clipboard data with virtually every keystroke, as co-founder Don Morton discovered.

      “There’s a ‘codepath’ in the post composing tool that checks for web links in the clipboard and suggests titles based on that link, Reddit said. It stressed that it ‘do[es] not store or send’ clipboard data, and expected the fix to arrive on July 14th.”

      “As ZDNet reported, this came shortly after LinkedIn VP Erran Berger promised a fix for a similar flaw in its iOS client that Morton also found.“

      Hopefully the rest of the apps on your list will make similar fixes asap.

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