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    • For many years, Apple Macs had a well-deserved reputation of not being infected with viruses anywhere close to what was the norm for pcs. Someone had said that if you were skilled enough to craft a virus on a Mac you wouldn’t be wasting your $$ in-demand talents doing so.

      My suspicion is that the Mac’s reputation of superiority created an “all things Apple are better” mindset among consumers that continued with the iphone. When I finally got my hands on a Mac a few years ago, I have to admit how shocked I was at how unimpressive the Mac was compared to a pc desktop.

      wjkr7 mentioned that iPhone 11’s camera was a letdown compared to the hype, so maybe we shouldn’t be surprised if their “impenetrable privacy protection” reputation doesn’t measure up to the hype.

    • Alan, Reddit has heard your concerns and is making amends:

      “Reddit told The Verge in a statement that it would fix code in its iOS app that copies clipboard data with virtually every keystroke, as co-founder Don Morton discovered.

      “There’s a ‘codepath’ in the post composing tool that checks for web links in the clipboard and suggests titles based on that link, Reddit said. It stressed that it ‘do[es] not store or send’ clipboard data, and expected the fix to arrive on July 14th.”

      “As ZDNet reported, this came shortly after LinkedIn VP Erran Berger promised a fix for a similar flaw in its iOS client that Morton also found.“

      Hopefully the rest of the apps on your list will make similar fixes asap.

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