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    • Haha.

      This holiday season has been a bit different for me, actually. I have been interested in the concept of “Bright Lines” when it comes to habit training and curbing addiction for years but this year I’m nursing a baby who gets very fussy/gassy/spitty if I eat any dairy or chocolate. So, I drew bright lines and I haven’t touched either since July.

      It’s been very eye-opening for me because while I usually eat 90% whole food plant-based, the 10% is almost always cheese or some form of chocolate. I’ve had to check every impulse to indulge and hold it up to my bright lines.


      1) I’m struck by how easy it’s been because I’m not doing it for myself; it’s for someone else.

      Why is that? Why would I ever knowingly engage in unhealthy behaviors when I think they only impact me? Of course things always have a ripple effect and when I’m healthier my family and friends benefit as well. The connection is so much stronger when I’m feeding a baby, but it’s there regardless.

      2) I’m also amazed by how prevalent rich food and treats are this time of year. Costco has aisles full of variations of candy and cookies and barks and brittles. Maybe because I have an addictive personality, I feel like bright lines just save me from a cycle of internal debate, indulgence and regret.

      Last year at the beginning of the holidays, I decided I’d have a treat a week in December, and so I decided what that would be, looked forward to it, enjoyed it thoroughly and then didn’t have any angst about passing up all the other treats I was offered. It made for a happier January, that’s for sure, and I don’t think I felt deprived in December because it was a decision I made... albeit in advance when I was pondering my health goals and not being confronted with the smell of warm chocolate chip cookies.

      Maybe you were just looking for commiseration not conversation but, hey... it’s Cake! 😄

    • in truth I’m just trying to find a way to eat without the corresponding consequences. I have now been informed this an imposibility :). I do thank you much for taking the time to actually comment. Hope you have a great Christmas!