Nothing has really changed for me as to date as my workplace has remained open but I thought I would share what I have been watching lately to inspire others to share to help provide entertainment for those stuck at home.

First off, I finally had a chance to see Knives Out and was truly entertained beyond what I expected. As a fan of classic cinema, I have to say this movie brought me back to old school storytelling delivered through a contemporary lens. I sincerely enjoyed this movie.

Other than that I have been obsessed with the retelling of history in both fiction and non-fiction formats.

From The Two Popes, Ken Burns Vietnam War, Miles Davis Birth of the Cool on Netflix to Trotsky, Who Killed Malcolm X, Rebellion (Irish), A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood on Amazon, and 1917 in theaters; the last couple of months has been bountiful for me when it comes to storytelling in the visual medium.

How about you. What have you been watching?