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    • When one is following a cake conversation, a blue dot is added to the number of posts circle in notifications. But when one clicks on that circle, instead of taking me to the line which separates the previously read items from the items not yet read, the link takes me to the bottom item in the conversation.

    • Which conversation did this occur on?

      This is what I got when I clicked on a blue dot 🔵 a few minutes ago. (There were three or four new comments still to read in the thread after this one.)

    • Okay, let me see what happens when I click on the blue dot 🔵 for that thread: being able to recreate the error is usually half the battle, IMHO. (Someone please post a new comment there.)

    • I think I was wrong about what triggers the bottom of the conversation result. I don't think it was the circle with the blue dot, I hink it was the highlighted item in the activities list. I think it was clicking on the highlight instead of clicking on the blue dot that triggered that result.