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    • I was driving down the mudroad from the Pla de la Calma highlands and just as I turned around a corner I found this nice little waterfall in a lush green environment.

    • Hi Chris thanks so much for your welcome, sorry I forgot to add that's in northeasternCatalonia, yes.

    • Wonderful find. There are so many interesting stops out in the big world that people whiz past without noticing.

      For me I want to see what is along the way to my destination. When I plan a trip anywhere I search the to see what caches are along the way. There is usually enough information and pictures on the cache pages that I know if I want to stop or continue on. There have been some amazing things I have seen by chasing caches, this off the beaten path and without signs pointing the way.

      My last fun find was Spokane, SD. Since I live in Spokane, WA I wanted to see what the ghost town of Spokane, SD looked like.