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    • Corn on the cob would not be unusual in our family. It has been a family tradition for generations along with turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, hot rolls, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie, and warm spiced cider.

      One year we had an Asian exchange student as guest who was very uncomfortable. We finally got him to say why. He had only seen corn on the cob as food for farm animals, not humans. It seemed gross to him.

      The most unusual food we have is yams and marshmallows. We only have it on Thanksgiving but we never miss. I hope we never hear our kids say okay boomer about that.

    • Neither sweet potatoes nor white potatoes were available to the colonists in 1621, so the Pilgrims definitely didn't feast on everyone's favorite tubers.

      Margot, this is an interesting article on how certain foods became culinary traditions for Thanksgiving.

    • Thanks Stephen, you were very kind to share this article. It was an interesting read. Being able to know the origins of a tradition gives more meaning to things. I also read the next article on the white elephant party 😄😄 very funny. I hope you have spent a happy Thanksgiving holiday with your family.

    • I made a Five Spice Cranberry Chutney from hearing it described on NPR and it was a hit... for the leftover turkey sandwiches AFTER Thanksgiving.