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    • I'm reading The Night Land: A Story Retold by James Stoddard and William Hope Hodgson. Hodgson's 1912 novel was an early cosmic horror, epic fantasy and romance (?) tale loved by H.P. Lovecraft. It's filled with otherworldly imagery, unfathomable mysteries and is incredibly evocative. It's also terribly overwritten in an archaic style (17th century I think), also plodding, repetitive and all but unreadable. James Stoddard did a hero's work by rewriting the novel into a much more readable style and is fantastic. I'm breezing though this edition.

    • I sometimes choose a yearly goal for my reading: this year it's to read a bunch of 2019 releases in my genre(s), science fiction and fantasy. So I'd already bought the audiobook of Marlon James's sprawling, African-inflected dark fantasy Black Leopard, Red Wolf when this terrifying review came out. Notable pull quote: "Reading Black Leopard, Red Wolf was like being slowly eaten by a bear, one inviting me to feel every pressure of tooth and claw tearing into me." Amal, the reviewer, is someone I trust! And I was going to pour this into my poor defenseless EARS?

      I forged on regardless. It's thick and challenging and a lot like a gory fever dream, but it's very well written and interesting. It's only ripped out my heart and jumped on it once so far. However, it's early days: I have only been one-fifth eaten by this bear.

    • I am currently reading Harry Potter and the Goblet of fire and I watched up to the fifth movie.