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    • For those of us who remember video rental stores with fondness, I Luv Video is a paradise. From their official about page:

      Established in 1984 by El Paso transplants John Dorgan and Conrad Bejarano, I Luv
      Video is one of the world's largest independent video stores, offering an immense catalog of films for rent & sale... we have a friendly, knowledgeable staff who's as obsessed with movies as our clientele. While other video stores, from independents to the corporate chains, are succumbing to the lure of digital on-demand streaming, I Luv Video is old-school & thriving. A combination of an indie-supportive, film-loving customer base and a bohemian aesthetic keep I Luv Video culturally relevant and make our stores a destination for visitors. We offer more than just films to rent, we also sell rare & unique vintage toys/movie memorabilia and films.  We also provide a unique customer experience and a chance to rave and vent about films with people as enthusiastic as we are! 

      And best part? No late fees!

    • Any video rental store where David Attenborough has his own section devoted to Nature Documentaries right above Ken Burn's Documentaries is clearly one with very good taste.

    • This place is the real deal, as well: thousands upon thousands of films are categorized in two floors of films. Looking for an obscure foreign film? Chances are they've got it. The full seasons of a show that's unavailable on streaming? Chances are they have that too!

    • There's something for the whole family, and even a used DVD, VHS and Blu-Ray section where you can snag hidden gems for a bargain.

    • There's something so compelling about being able to physically browse new releases. The combination of physical media and cover art draws your eye to a movie that maybe you'd skip over elsewhere.

    • I have many great memories of working in a Video Store back in the 90's. It's really nice to see that the industry didn't entirely go away. It'd be a shame to miss out on such a fun experience. Talking with the customers, sharing memories about movies and making suggestions. It was a great way to meet people from all walks of life.

    • Hi Victoria, This is Conrad Bejarano, Owner and Founder of I Luv Video in Austin Texas. Thank You for the Luv of Video and the Store :) I noticed you have a old website. Can you please change it to so folks will get too see more of the store. Because you can go inside and explore :) Thanks Conrad. Picture is with one of my kids Sebastian and Robert Rodriguez after a film shoot at I Luv Video