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    • my credit card has 2% rebate for all purchase, capped at RM 50 per month. So by using any e-wallet, as long as I top up using my card, I'll enjoy the rebate. Good thing about e-wallet is that some small business that don't have credit card terminal actually support e-wallet. And I'll be able to use my credit card indirectly and enjoy my rebate by paying through e-wallet apps.

      Sadly it's not all roses and unicorn with e-wallet. Some inconsiderate people will hold up the line at the cashier because they didn't reload and always keep their balance at bare minimum. so everyone behind need to wait for that person to reload. It's even worst if his mobile data is slow. People should always estimate their bill and reload an excess of RM 10+ before queuing.

      And some apps like Boost and TnG is very slow in reloading. Boost server is slow, TnG is the slowest of em all, still need to input TAC to reload. Can't stand TnG slow reload process, end up using their auto reload function. The minimum setting is Auto reload RM 20 whenever balance is less than RM 20.