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    • When I was in KL, I remember visiting an eight story mall and being surprised to see at the center of the ground floor an ice skating rink.

      You must be talking about Sunway Pyramid. That's one of my favourite malls. Also, one of the most tech savvy. There's another mall with an ice rink too, though not in the city, called IOI City Mall. Not sure if there are any others.

      @JazliAziz , is there a specific reason why Alipay isn’t more popular?  I know that Alibaba is the equivalent of Amazon (or perhaps more accurately Ebay) in China, but I don’t have a sense of its presence in Malaysia.

      I think it's simply because there are other solutions which offer better value to consumers (such as those I mentioned in this post). As for its comparison to ebay (or Amazon), we also have our own online marketplaces for shopping, and they're locally based. So I don't think there's any benefit or reason for people to use Alipay or Alibaba in Malaysia.