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    • Wonderful shot—even the boy’s blue sandals pop! You have such interesting stories to share with your photos. Thank you for sharing this.


    • This weekend i went to Pakistan Afghanistan Border. I encountered same situation there and had a selfie with town kids. (will post about trip in separate post)

      In Pakistan taking a photo of kids have never been an issue. Actually i was not even aware of this until one day my friend took a photo of little girl and her mother came and assured he deleted it, we all were astonished which made me learn about how and why it would be offensive to take a photo of kid (and i was shocked and understood the reason). Then sometimes parents would stop me and ask to take a photo of their kids and feeling so good about it.

    • Water Buffaloes are mostly kept for meeting dairy needs of family and extra income. It is a vital part of village life. Here is one pic i took around 2011

    • While i was sitting on the footpath with camera locked on family approaching towards me, the family let her walk on footpath while moving themselves out of frame.

    • The colors!! That dress looks homemade with a lot of love, including hearts? What's going on with the colorful wall? Layers of graffiti that have been covered over?

    • that is leftover paint from hand painted banners, this was 2009, panaflex and computer generated digital printing was limited. While typing this i realized hand painted banners and sign boards are vanishing fast!

      The dress girl is wearing is most likely handwoven, this style of dress is mostly seen in Pashtun or Afghan Cultures.