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    • I do not know the whole story (sorry had no time to study it yet, and might not have soon enough). But can tell you that nicotine, regardless of ingestion method is extremely addictive, and after a life time of being a smoker, quitting was the hardest thing I ever did. I however never felt any of the band aids meant to cease smoking were going to help me, so I just quit cold turkey. You did not want to meet me in the several months it took to exorcise the daemon!

      So, back to the OP, whomever starts using e-cigarettes is subject to same addiction as smokers, in my opinion. That it appears "cool" to young folks, isn't in the very least surprising. After all, the way many my generation started smoking early in childhood was by stealing one cigarette at a time from father's pack, and so that had an extra "dangerous" appeal.