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    • I still believe that calendars are excellent marketing devices. Many people will swear that they only use their phone calendars, but, calendars are still highly used and functional. In the promotional products industry, we have several good resources to brand a customers logo on each page and end up so the calendar only ends up running about $1ea. Pretty good ROI if you ask me.

      Since 99.999% of my customers have a personal relationship with me, I started designing and self-publishing through my trade printer my own calendar a few years ago. My cost ends up being more like $10ea but if I needed to charge a client, for all the labor and creative involved I would end up charging over $1500 for a 100 pc run.

      Anyway...blah, blah, blah. BUT, when you see those cute little calendars at the UPS store, it would be easy to say...Oh, I can DIY, right? Sure, but, to make a professional calendar there is alot more involved.

      I design mine from SCRATCH using Lightroom, Photoshop, Illustrator and ultimately putting together in InDesign. Ok, more blah, blah, blah.

      BUT, what is most difficult is choosing images from the past year that can remain interesting for 30 days. That is hard. It is alot easier to have a single theme versus photography in general; especially when picking from your own images.

      Here is my 2020 calendar that I mail out to my customers and then target publishers, interior designers, etc.

    • So far, I have sort of cheated and gone back out to Floyd Lamb park where the peacocks lollygag around. Easy shots to get but they don't always display themselves like this.

    • When I travel, I am trying to be in a constant state of exploration. These were taken at a newly established outdoor park and museum at Fashion Island in Newport Beach.

    • I love shooting motor-head stuff but they don't translate well to a universal calendar. But, I chose this shot mostly because of the star filter that gave it an artistic flair.

    • What a year you've had! I thought I got to do some pretty great travel, but you win. Great calendar. Hard to say which photos were my favs, but probably the Belize sunset.

      Amacbean makes a family calendar each year, which makes awesome Christmas gifts. She puts a portrait thumbnail in the boxes on the right to indicate someone's birthday. Who can remember all the birthdays without a calendar?

    • nice varied selection, I have thought in the past doing a calendar, but like you say a lot of work...and for me pennies in return

    • Here's a page from our family calendar. This one happens to have 4 generations in the big pic and then you see a birthday pic on a day below. Actually, that month had two more in the line below, and usually several on each month. Amacbean makes one each year for her grandfather, both of whom are shown in the pic.

      Photo calendars are great.