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    • trying to game the system to see if I can get to the Introductions subcategory by seeing if I get Introductions as a subtopic option for this thread 😬

    • wondering if Cake picks up keywords in thread comments and adds to topics

      (working from memory here) Ducati “Grand Canyon” Autism “ice caves”

    • huh. I guess only the OP can tag threads. And can edit tags as thread takes on different topics.

      Very nice! I love it! 👍🏻

    • Chris MacAskill

      Actually I can edit topics the conversation is tagged with and I sometimes do. Never the body of your post. But sometimes I'll add or subtract a topic or two, or merge them if two topics are very similar.

    • Chris MacAskill

      Hahaha, I dunno, I take a lot of orders from the others on the team. They cut me no slack.

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