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    • Unless I'm missing something, the only way to unfollow a conversation is to click through into the conversation and unfollow from there. It would be handy if you could avoid the extra click and just unfollow conversations directly from your ★ screen—e.g., with a ☆ icon you can click/unclick next to each conversation.

      Apologies if this suggestion already came up, but I didn't spot it anywhere!

    • I would add that if you reply to a thread but are not interested in following you have to click back into the thread to unfollow. the option does not exist when making the reply to not follow the thread when submitting.

      *edit* if you follow then unfollow the thread after commenting it does unfollow the thread, work around at least.

    • Thanks for the suggestions, guys! We talked about this in our team meeting this morning and we have some improvements in the works that should make unfollowing conversations much easier. We're also looking into making auto-follow on post a customizable setting.